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Follow Through

You don't always get offered a job on the first contact with someone, so how do you stay in touch and keep things moving, without becoming a pest?

The Job Stalker - Follow Through


Go Straight To

Once you've identified specific target jobs and companies, it's time to go straight to those who can hire you. Simple enough, but it takes both boldness and the right approach. Here's the formula.

The Job Stalker - Go straight to


For WHOM do you want to do it?

Once you know who you are and what you want to do, it's time to figure out for whom you want to do it--specifically. Here's how.

The Job Stalker - For WHOM do you want to do it?


Resumes: A brochure on you

In this show, we talk about the fundamentals of creating a compelling resume, and even more importantly, the right way to use it.

The Job Stalker - Resumes


What do you want to do?

In this broadcast, we talk about the next step in the Job Stalker formula--figuring out what you want to do. Does this sound easy or hard? Whatever it takes, it's one of the most valuable things you'll do in your job search. Skip this step and you're liable to wander aimlessly or take the first thing offered and miss something really great!

The Job Stalker - What do you want to do?


Who are you?

Figuring out who you are is the first step in finding the right job for you. But how do you figure that out?

The Job Stalker - Who are you?


The Myth of "Who's Hiring?"

Why "Who's Hiring?" and "How's that Industry doing?" don't matter to a job stalker.

The Job Stalker - Who's Hiring

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